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Update on Sassy

Here is precious Sassy

 LOOKING GOOD! She has gained weight and is a very good girl, house broke, still a little untrusting around other dogs and even cats, her trauma had to be bad when she was attacked, she still has the tumor that needs to be removed, but other then that she is doing great 

We rescued Sassy after we were told about her.

3 days ago I got a call from my mail lady said there was an injured doxie laying in a ditch, she tried to catch her but Sassy was scared

So I went out looking and found nothing, I talked with a neighbor down the road and he said the dog had been living in the fields and ditches for a few weeks

I gave him my card and he called me yesterday but couldn't go get her till yesterday evening, the injuries are full of infection, smells really bad and she shys away when you try to look at it. I gave her a bath as soon as I got her home, the wounds were still bleeding, they are deep wounds.

There are 2 huge and very deep wounds and another one on the other side, not as big, she is swollen on that side.

She was very hungry and thirsty, and she slept all night after she got her belly full, my heart cries for her

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