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Sanctuary Cats

Newest Intake

Lil Boy, Lil Momma, and Nosey, now we have Hugs and Kisses, and Lady Grey, other pictures coming soon

Roxie and Bella!

10 1/2 years young!

Russian Blues Sisters 

 Roxie and Bella

Roxie and Bella are 10 1/2 year old, short haired, grey, female Russian Blues. They were owner surrendered to the shelter by their family that had them since they were approximately 6 weeks old. They would love a home together where they will be given time to adjust to their new surroundings and family. They are very sweet but scared in the shelter

Kittens up for adoption!

Kittens waiting for a home 


Ritchie came to me as I was feeding dogs

in the town where I live at, stepping high and screaming.

Ritchie has some neurological disorders

Sheba as you can see has some age on her, sweet and loving and now safe

A little piece of Heaven here and another safe cat made

it's way to the sanctuary 

Again this kitty was dumped out in the county

and was lucky enough to make it's way to the Sanctuary,

another kind soul here 

As you can see this is a old cat, he was dumped out in the country,

such a sweet and kind gentle soul 

Princess Joetta Lynn

This little princess came from animal control and yes because Danielle cared enough to make that phone, and yes I went and picked her up at the vet, after she was spayed. She is a very vocal little girl and loves her cat trees!

Thank you Danielle Barnes!

Sugar Pops

And that is just what he is, a arm full of Sugar!

Sugar and his brother Kaleb were dumped here 10 years ago by the neighbor said she be back to help find them homes, never happened , 


This is Sugar Pops brother! These are the two most calmest cats I have ever met!

Sadly a couple of months ago, Kaleb had to give up his pretty fluffy tail, it had a spot of cancer on it. I would rather no tail be there and my baby still here. He was mad at me for at least a month 

 Sandra Dee

Sandra Dee came from St Francis Animal Clinic, someone brought her in as a kitten, very sick, Dr Traylor vetted her, one thing and then another, she was about 3 months old when I got the call from her asking me to take her, I went and looked at her, well that is all she wrote! Miss Sandra Dee 15 years ago came to me and what a sweet Blessing she has been!

Lover Boy

That's right that is his name, oh my he makes them biscuits on you and purrs and get so serious! He came to me 15 years ago!

His story is real sad, the neighbor down the road had a Rottie and a Chocolate Lab, the Momma cat was at the house further down the road and she was in the field, they caught her and sadly played tugged of war leaving behind 3 babies, One was adopted out, his sister Angel passed last year of cancer, 


Precious came in the same day and from the same town, Rockport Indiana 14 years ago. Precious could never jump up on anything, if you zero in on his left eye, he is blind and i guess being blind in one eye threw his balance off, he is very affectionate

3 Little Kittens who lost their mittens!

Adorable loving babies pulled from Warrick County Animal Control

They are little hissers,! Makes me smile when they do that!  

They are seriously trying to decide, is it nap time or play time! 


Pretty Priscilla!

Priscilla, was dumped under the local grocery store 15 years ago.

I thought she was 6 weeks old she was 3 months old. She had been starved. Priscilla is sweet and loving, she was adopted out and then the lady went to the nursing home, she came back to the rescue.


The picture isn't good but you have to be really fast to snap one of her.

Her story...SAD!

5 week old kitten and her Mother got hit by a car in front of the local dollar store, the woman that worked at the dollar store, came out with a broom and was beating Lovey and shoved her under a wheel of a van. I got a call from a woman and was told what happen, I went to Rockport and got Lovey and i also got a second kitten Precious that day as well.

I have never been able to hold Lovey nor have I ever been able to stroke her beautiful stripes. She lives in the spare bedroom, she is grateful to be fed and fresh water daily. Just wished that this never happen to this precious kitty, She is going on 15 now.

Warrick County Animal Control

Special kitties!