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Sasha Redbone coonhound


Here is a part of us where most people do not understand. Some feel why spend your time caring for the old and disabled, when so many young ones needs help.

My passion is for the old and disabled and not many people deal with them. Why should they not have the same chance as the young ones? By all means they should. Be a part of the love and donate, and we thank you!

I have been yelled at because I pull the old, well one of these days you will get old, I pray someone has mercy on you!

TLC Pals 4 Paaws, INC is located in Richland, Indiana 


His crime: He intimidated their pit bull and made him cry


Finally after waiting so long, here are the other pictures we have been waiting for,

Thank you Mary Salmon


Is this a face or what?

She came from Animal Control after a hoarding situation.

Cali is young enough that she needs to find that special home all her own! 



Another precious soul from the hoarding situation

Harley is looking for a home of his own! 


Maltese Mix

Scrappy is 2 1/2 years old

And he would love a home of his own.

He would do best being the only pet and probably best with a single owner 


Owner surrender

Sweet and full of life, Bella is also looking for that forever home




Sadness in her eyes, yes.

Sweet and cuddly, this precious baby was used for breeding until animal control stepped up and took her out of the hoarding situation

She is looking for her forever home 


Rosie plays a little and sleeps a lot,

she has came so far, but yet has many miles to go

before she becomes a normal pet 


Update again on Lennon AKA Lenny

Here is the latest of the intakes here at TLC Pals 4 Paaws,

Lennon AKA Lenny

AKA ChiChi Chihuahua!

He is doing very well considering he has a bad heart, he is responding to his heart meds and had a good appetite, hair is slow growing but starting to see some difference

He is a very affectionate baby

Very grateful to have the honor to take care of him.

Lenny's before Picture Below



Product of a legal separation

Product of a legal separation 

Product of a legal separation 

Senior Male Chihuahua

Lennon AKA Lenny

Lenny came from Warrck County Animal Control

and as you can see in very bad shape

Took him straight to the vet only to find he has a bad heart.

He will live his life out here at the sanctuary,

and I pray he lives long enough to be spoiled

and to know what real love means 


1 Year Old Male Boxer


Dumped and abandon by owner 

Sweet gentle Sassy

She is breath taking, sweet, gentle, and beautiful.

Who could do such a harmful act?


Sadly we report that after 3 years in a loving home, Sassy had a tumor over her heart

She is no longer with us and we will miss our sweet baby forever 

A new additions to our wonderful rescue

Leo, 1 year old 11 pound full of sweetness and ready to love!




Pulled from Daviess County Animal Control

His new sister as you can see by the

look on her face is a very happy girl, she has Buddy to love now! 



Look at this little Gold Nugget!

Pulled from animal Control, scared at first but quickly came out of her shell! 



KING Ralphie!

Thank you Ashley Clark!

Ashley cared enough for this little elderly one to have a home of his own

He went to the vet and all but 4 teeth were pulled

and was neutered while he was there as well

He is here at the Sanctuary and acted as though he had been here forever.

10 days on antibiotics and he should be good as new or at least at his best!

Welcome home Ralphie! 

My precious King Ralphie,

I love this baby so much, bless his heart he gave me many smiles and a lot of love

His heart gave out on him, he may not be here in body but his spirit still is 

8 years young owners going through a divorce

This precious baby was facing a uncertain future

Look no more little Darling, you have found your forever home! 

15 years young


Story to sad to tell

My precious Brownie went to the bridge

With the help of Dr Kennedy

He will be forever missed, we were together a very long time 


Boxer mix

Katie appeared to have had many litters of babies.

Under weight and sores all over, look how well she adjusted to the life in the Sanctuary 


What a fine looking lady here, and look at that stance

Daisy was left behind at a boarding kennel


Sweet little Dolly was found out on a back road that isn't traveled much

The man heard her cry and went on a search for her, only to find her hiding a a brushy area

Under weight and all matted up, it would make your heart cry

This was 2 years ago and this is what Miss Dolly looks like now,

she is still very untrusting to the human breed

She is old, the vet couldn't really tell, maybe 13 years old 


Little frosty face, she is a happy girl and with being fed twice a day and fresh water all day, she thinks she lives in the Hilton to compare to her past life

We feel very grateful to have Betsy as a part of our family 


This poor beagle may never know what a real life is. His owner which looked at animals as a tool, beat poor Buddy so badly he won't trust, even after over a year. So as a therapy measure we got Samantha out of Daviess County Animal Control to help Buddy over come his fears.

Buddy could use some prayers for healing 


Rebel was dumped out in the country, a good citizen contacted the rescue and ask if we would help him, he is a very sweet boy and loves to talk! Now to find a loving home for this special boy! He is VERY SWEET!


Cricket came out of Animal Control, she is a happy girl and even more happy

when she gets to boss her friend Sam around 


And is she ever a fine girl, feral 12 months ago with lots of patience and love, t

training and can dog food I managed to get her to trust me


And what a sweet boy he is and he is very smart!

Dandy came in with Candy, and with the same story.

Dandy says LOOK AT ME NOW!


JJ AKA Janie

Abused by a woman, and then thrown out

JJ is a very happy girl to have a place to live and she loves her run that she sometimes shares with Bear


another sad story

Bear with his partner Chico was left behind by their owners at a cheap motel.

The motel owner was going to shoot Bear and Chico. I went and got these old fella's, Chico was with us about 6 months before he went down in his back end, Bear is still with us 

Sam the Man!

Sam was dumped at the kennel when he was just a pup, we advertise hoping her was lost, he was but on purpose

Sam is a very happy boy! 

Home is where the heart is


Newest intake here!

Benji, he was dumped out in the country, we received a call and went straight to where we were told he was. He was out on a back country road and had been there the neighbors said for at least 24 hours.

We did not get there in time, he had already been hit by a car, back right leg was mangled up and had to be amputated.

This is Cowboy!

Cowboy is deaf and going blind

He came from Animal Control,

because Ashley Clark cared enough to make a phone call,

and yes I went and got him 

 This little man is Jo Jo

JoJo's human fell and could no longer care for him as well as his bonded friend CoCo.

JoJo had several tumors that the vet removed.

He is 12 years old 

 Miss Gracie

Gracie came from a animal control, her story is very sad. A dear friend went to the shelter to pick her up only to find that one eye look as if it exploded, She called me I told her to get her to a vet as quickly as possible, so she did, the Vet called me and told me he had to remove both eyes, He was very sincere and helpful explaining to me what happen. So Miss Gracie has no eyes. She follows her heart!

Pistol Pete AKA Ranger

Wow Look at that face would you! Is that a handsome boy or what? This handsome man was at animal control and wasn't doing so well, I received a message about him and went and picked him up and yes he was pretty thin, no pep left in him. Things changed in a hurry for that sweet baby. When I pulled him I named him Ranger, after being home for a while and watching him, his name became Pistol Pete. Certainly not house broken so can you guess how he got his name? That's okay, he is fine, we over look the minor things, we love him all the same!

And thank you Ashley Clark, he fits in just fine! 


Missy human passed on and left her behind, her friend Cricket got adopted. Sitting in Animal Control, I was called and as soon as I could, considering I was snowed in, I called a friend to get me to her and brought her back.

Now this little girl is a special baby, all of them are special just something different about her. She is the most affectionate dog I have ever met. She bonds very quickly to her owner and is some what jealous of the other ones. Because she was used be one dog and now that has changed. She is adapting nicely.


This Black Lab mix girl is full of surprises and full of love and affection!

Gyspy would love to have a home of her own, so if you are looking for one special girl, well you just came to the right place!

Now Gypsy seems to think she is a lap dog, and that's okay I am not telling her any different! 


What a sweetie, 9 years old, and was surrendered to the rescue from a puppy mill. He has deformed hips and puppy dog eyes!

 Lady Bug AKA Misty

Lady Bug came from Animal Control in Boonville, Indiana. Her Human Mother passed away leaving Lady behind. Lady grieved unlike I ever seen before and was unsure if she would make it for the grief she was feeling.

Lady Bug has no ears, they had been surgically removed due to chronic ear infections, this is a very expensive surgery, so her Human Mother had to really love her a lot to go to this extreme to make her pet comfortable.

Lady Bug is 7 years old and full of life, Lady is looking for a Human Mother to once again love and spoil her 

 Sadie Rose

Sadie Rose, her Sister and her Father all were dumped out in the country in the middle of a field All 3 had mange. I took them in and got them treated, and started them on a good diet, 15 years ago. Sadie's, Father and sister were adopted out, Sadie never had any nibbles, and that's okay, she had a home right here. Sadie Rose is really showing her age and I am grateful for each day I have left to spend with her, Sadie Rose, "Mommy loves you"


Don't ask, it just stuck! Mugs the pug how adorable is he? VERY! This little guy was running the streets of Rockport, Indiana and the city called me, and the rest is history. Mugs was adopted out but came back through no fault of his own, He is around 4 years old and is looking for his forever home.


Age unknown. She was used as a breeder, by the time she got to the sanctuary she was thin and had sores all over her. She is not good with small dogs or cats. But she is good with dogs her own size and she loves kids. The perfect home would be one that she was the only fur child and got all the attention. 


Pretty is a owner surrender, Surrendered because she was blind, and they really didn't know how to deal with a blind dog. A friend begged them to bring her here instead of putting her to sleep. I have had Pretty for over a year now, and can not imagine my life with out her sweet love. She likes those back scratches and belly rubs and face kisses, and in return she kisses me back!

Pretty is 12 years old now, and she will live her life out here at TLC the special sanctuary.

Marvin catching up on some affection!

This is what happens when company comes, it makes me smile!