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Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis, Indiana

Expires 6/30/14


4 Admission Tickets!

Highest Bid: $


Item Number: FTTD09

Send bids to:

[email protected]

If love could have saved you

you would have lived forever

Chantilly Lace

My darling little girl whom I will forever miss.

Chantilly had a rough starting in life, first her Momma was killed by a dog when Chantilly and her sister Cheyenne were only two days old.

They were brought to me right after this happen, both kittens were premature, it's a wonder both of them made it.

At the age of two Chantilly was at Purdue Small Animal Clinic more then she was at home, after 5 years, Chantilly was cured.

I only had Chantilly 17 years, I could have had her 50 years and still it would not have been long enough.

My sweet Baby Chantilly Lace went on her Journey home to the Rainbow Bridge at 2:45 om on October 15, 2011

May you ride gently on Angels wings baby and Mommy will see you again some day


Sweet Adam, came to me through the Human Society

The sweetest cat ever. Adam you will be missed, Mommy loves you!

May 23, 2011, another Angel went to the Rainbow Bridge

May you ride gently on Angels wings baby and Mommy will see you again some day 

Little Dude

Precious Memories

Little Dude was born Dec. 24, 2009 With this birth, blessing was brought to Alice and Roberts household.

Little Dude would bust through the bedroom door bringing smiles through out the household, to Alice and her husband Robert.

Dec. 24, 2009 - May 1, 2011

Ride gently on the Wings of Angels, Sweet Little Dude